Address: Via di Sopra, Castrovalva

Hours: Opening entrusted to volunteers when available; Sunday Mass 10.15 am


This small building was probably built where the church of St. Thomas once stood as reported in the papal bull of Clemente III in 1188.


The church has a very simple façade, in which the only decorative element is the portal with a moulded frame. At the centre of the lintel, which is supported by corbels with scrolls, are two angels holding a shield shaped like a horse’s snout with the lily of the Belprato family. The frieze above is decorated with an angelic head flanked by floral motifs and finishes with a ledge on which the frame of the lunette rests. In the lunette is a fresco of the blessing of Christ, of which we can see only the top part.


The church is a single room. On the side walls there are two niche altars, one of which houses the polychrome plaster statue of Saint Lucia from the 20th century. Following traditional iconography, she is showing her eyes to the faithful and holding up the palm of martyrdom. In the niche is a valuable sculpture of the Madonna and Child of the early 16th century, in stucco and cloth on a wooden base, which was later repainted. The Virgin is shown seated and holding her child with her left arm. Her red robe and blue cape are dotted with gold stars. The central altar is surrounded by two ovals painted with depictions of the Madonna and Child and St. Joseph and Child, both from the 18th century. The altarpiece was made in 1729 by De Mancino and commissioned by Francesco Finocchi, as we can read on the plaque. It is decorated with a stucco made from coloured marble dust which mimics the effect of marble inlay. Above the altar, is a gilded wooden tabernacle of the 17th century with the entombment and the cross in the background.